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Goal Setting for the New Seller

Your sales goal is a part of a business plan to generate profits for the company. As a new sales person, you should understand how your initial sales goal is established and how you can measure for yourself if you are making good progress. This training will also introduce you to the basic math of setting sales goals and establishing cost of sales. 

This is a self contained training module with both a lecture and a quiz.

The Professional Selling Process

Too often we are guilty of searching for a quick fix or a silver bullet to drive performance improvement. The reality is that quick fixes are much like fad diets whereas sustainable, profitable, high performance companies invest in a sales process, not just sales skills, then follow through with rigorous monitoring and execution of the process. In this module, you will learn about The Professional Selling Process.

The Four Keys to Advertising Success

The Four Keys to Advertising Success can help a salesperson respond to almost any sales objection or stall they might hear in the sales process. The underlying research is based on hundreds of interviews with local business owners to help you understand what works and what doesn't in local advertising.