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The History of Radio

The History of Radio course will cover the Early Years, the Golden Years of Radio, the era of FM Radio Expansion, the Years of Consolidation and Radio in the Digital Age. Radio has had a massive impact on American society throughout the years and continues to do so today. 

Teacher: Artimus Jones

Radio Station Organization

Finding your way around the Radio station is the first step in getting acclimated to your new job. This course will describe how a typical Radio station is organized. In addition, this course will demonstrate to you some of the significant differences in the way we run Results Radio that make us stand out and give us a competitive advantage. 

Basic Terminology

This course will introduce you to the many terms and phrases used in the Radio business. WARNING! Don't try to impress your clients with the new words you learn because they won't know what you're talking about unless you carefully choose the right words to communicate your message.

The Basics of Radio Programming

Why do Radio stations play music? Why do some Radio stations just have news and talk? Why does on Radio station play Country Music while another Radio station plays Rock Music? That's the topic of this course, an introduction to Radio Programming. 

The Basics of Working With Retail Clients

AM & FM Radio is known as an "advertising supported medium". That means the only source of revenue for the Radio station is the sales of advertising. AM & FM Radio does not depend on subscriber income or government subsidies. The sale of advertising is the economic engine of the Radio business. In this course you will be introduced to Radio advertising sales in general. In later modules, you will learn more specifically about Results Radio.